New Nintendo Switch Pro could have 10-hour battery life improvement

A rumored Nintendo Switch Pro feature could result in the next version of Nintendo’s hybrid handheld console having an even longer battery life than its predecessors. An improvement to the battery life of the new Nintendo Switch could result in the console lasting ten hours or longer.

Industry analysts have speculated that a new Nintendo Switch console was coming in 2020. Nintendo has since quashed the rumors of a 2020 launch, although it still appears that a new version of the console is in development. Critically, this rumored Nintendo Switch Pro might feature some seriously impressive new tech.

Innolux’s ‘Mini LED’ could mean a longer Nintendo Switch Pro battery life


Nintendo Switch Pro Battery Life Mini LED bar graph

There are currently three distinct versions of the Nintendo Switch on the market. Each of these consoles has subtle differences; one of the most striking changes between the three versions is the improvement in battery life. The latest version of Nintendo’s hybrid handheld console can last as long as 9 hours — and the next version of the Nintendo Switch could go for even longer.

Battery life improvements would be a side effect of using new “Mini LED” display technology. According to Economic Daily News (via Nintendo Life), Nintendo has approached Taiwanese company Innolux to take advantage of its new display technology. Putting one of Innolux’s Mini LED displays into the Nintendo Switch Pro wouldn’t just result in longer battery life; this change would also result in better overall image quality.

Mini LED is very new tech and there are not yet specific numbers on what kind of improvement consumers can expect. The screen isn’t the only factor in battery life, either — a change to any of the other components in the console could result in less or more battery life depending on their power efficiency. For example, a more powerful processor could result in similar battery life to the

Nintendo has yet to officially announce the Nintendo Switch Pro, but a longer battery life and better screen are two in-demand features that players would surely appreciate. More information will likely come to light should Nintendo make a deal with Innolux to use its new Mini LED display technology.