Will PS5 and Xbox Series X pre-orders be delayed by UK national lockdown? (Update)

UPDATE 2 (1/11/2020): Several retailers have now made their first comments on the potential PS5 and Xbox Series X delays in the U.K. and whether customers’ pre-orders will still ensure they’ll receive their consoles on launch day. GAME, Smyths Toys, and Argos have now released their first comments since Boris Johnson announced the second U.K. national lockdown.

GAME has now stated that it’s “working hard on a plan” for those who have pre-ordered the console from the retailer. A tweet from the Leicester branch of the U.K. video game retailer asked users to ensure their details are up to date in its official GAME Reward app or on the company’s website.

GameRevolution spoke to a GAME customer who had pre-ordered their Xbox Series X from the retailer, and who was told that the company is currently contacting Xbox customers before shifting focus to those who had pre-ordered the PS5. The focus is on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S due to both consoles launching in the U.K. before the PS5.

“[GAME] said that I need to go in before Thursday to pay for the console and that on the 10th,” the customer told us. “They’ll allocate people slots to go and pick up their consoles from them in-store.”

It’s unclear whether or not GAME is planning to apply the same methods to PS5 pre-orders, or if other retailers will also allow in-store pick-ups to for those who have selected to pick up their console pre-orders in-store.

However, a tweet from the official GAME support team Twitter account to a customer stated: “We do not have any information regarding store or store collection pre-orders at the moment, please bear with us regarding this. I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.” Another tweet stated that an official statement would be delivered to customer “as soon as possible” and that customers should check their emails for future updates.

Argos noted that the company’s customer service team is “awaiting information” pertaining to PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S pre-orders. The retailer noted that customers will be informed when they receive this information.

Smyths Toys confirmed that “all pre-orders are safe and pre-order customers will receive an update shortly,” noting that customers should check the company’s website and social media accounts for further clarification when they receive it.

UPDATE (31/1/2020): Boris Johnson has now officially confirmed the U.K. national lockdown, with all non-essential shops shutting as a result of the new restrictions. This means that stores such as GAME, Argos, and other retailers that were taking in-store pre-orders for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S will not be reopened until December 2, 2020.

None of these retailers have yet confirmed how they will handle in-store pre-orders, though as non-essential shops have been ordered to shut from November 5 onwards, it is unlikely that buyers will be able to pick up their consoles as a result, unless caveats are made to the current government guidance.

Online pre-orders are still likely to go ahead, though as Amazon and other online retailers are set to receive an increase in users, there is the potential that PS5 and Xbox Series X delays will occur as a result of this. During the previous U.K. lockdown, Amazon increased its number of delivery drivers to meet demand, though it hasn’t been confirmed if this will also be the case during this second lockdown.

ORIGINAL STORY: A U.K. national lockdown is set to go into effect next week, with it being reported that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will introduce new restrictions starting next Wednesday (November 4, 2020). But will this new lockdown result in PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S pre-orders being delayed?

These restrictions are reportedly going to last until December 1, 2020, and could potentially see everything in the region closed except essential shops and “educational settings” including nurseries, schools, and universities. Considering that the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S are set to launch in the UK during this period, those who have pre-ordered the consoles are concerned that pre-orders may be delayed as a result of the lockdown.

Are Xbox Series X and PS5 pre-order delays coming in the UK?

The previous U.K. national lockdown did not cause the closure of online retailers such as Amazon and delivery services, though it did result in delays across various companies, couriers, and postal services. As a result, while there has been no official confirmation that these services will face issues due to the lockdown, it does seem likely that at least some U.K. customers who pre-ordered the PS5 and Xbox Series X will face delays.

Some of those who pre-ordered have also opted to collect their consoles in-store. In other European countries also facing lockdown, customers have been afforded the opportunity to call the store and select a time slot in which to collect their purchase. It’s unclear whether or not U.K. stores such as GAME will be employing the same methods, or whether they’ll allow collection purchases to be changed into deliveries.

Though Boris Johnson has yet to officially announce the national lockdown, the U.K. government has routinely utilized the British media to broach its plans to the general public before they’re set in place. The Times has reported that a “national lockdown looms” due to a surge in coronavirus cases, which will last until the start of December.