Ubisoft Montreal dealing with possible hostage crisis [Update]

Update: Police have confirmed that the alleged hostage scenario at Ubisoft Montreal is fake. According to Le Journal De Montreal (in the link below), Montreal authorities say that the perpetrator demanded a ransom and the call was made from inside the building. It is worth noting that other non-Ubisoft entities work inside that facility, too. Montreal police have also said the debacle is over, that no one was injured, and that an investigation into the call will be made. Original story follows.

Ubisoft Montreal is reportedly under siege as the studio is allegedly undergoing a hostage crisis. Reports came in saying that issues were arising in the lead Assassin’s Creed Valhalla developer’s office in Canada before more flocked to Twitter to divulge more anecdotes.

Montreal’s police tweeted about the suspected hostage crisis, telling those to avoid the area. Then others started tweeting videos of police in the area, confirming that something was indeed happening.

It didn’t take long for others in the studio to tweet their experiences. Senior Community Developer Eric Pope tweeted that his whole team was on the roof of the building, which Le Journal De Montreal also said in its reporting with interviews from Ubisoft employees at the scene. Others said they were either were safe despite the circumstances.


Ubisoft has not spoken about the incident just yet. However, the situation is still fresh and many things have not been confirmed. Reports of unconfirmed numbers and such have been thrown around, but it would be better to wait for official reports before diving into speculation among the chaos.

This story is developing…