Doom Eternal Switch: Bethesda reveals Nintendo release date

The Doom Eternal Switch port has received its release date, with the game set to launch next week on the Nintendo Switch. Bethesda made the reveal today with a brand new trailer, showing off the fast-paced FPS on the hybrid console.

The Switch version of the game will be developed in partnership with Panic Button, the same studio that worked with Bethesda on the ports of Doom (2016)Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

The port will include the same single-player campaign along with the multiplayer Battlemode, its 2 vs. 1 multiplayer experience that pitches a fully-armed Doomslayer against two player-controlled demons.

Bethesda has also confirmed motion aiming will make its way to the game, providing players with a control option that allows them to utilize the Joy-Con’s built-in gyroscope. Bethesda confirms that this can be used in conjunction with traditional aiming, so players can use the Joy-Con’s analog stuck for “the perfect blend” of immersion and accuracy.

When is the Doom Eternal Switch release date?

doom eternal switch release date

Doom Eternal will release on Nintendo Switch on December 8, 2020.

Unlike the original game, physical copies of Doom Eternal will not be made available, with it being a digital-only release. The FPS will launch on the Nintendo eShop, where it will be available for download on the Switch’s online store.

To download Doom Eternal Switch, visit the eShop on your Nintendo Switch console on December 8. The game should be available on the storefront in your region or available via a search of its name.

Watch the Doom Eternal Switch gameplay trailer

Doom Eternal Switch gameplay was revealed in the trailer debuted by Bethesda earlier today, showing what the game looks like running on the handheld console. Panic Button’s Doom (2016) port was well-received, making great use of the Nintendo Switch hardware, so demon-slaying fans will be hoping that the same will be said for its take on the sequel.

Watch the Doom Eternal Switch gameplay trailer below: