Dauntless Reforged: What the remaster changes over the original

Dauntless Reforged launches on December 3, 2020, with it being described as a “substantial rework” of the game’s systems. This big new update changes Dauntless‘ hunt systems into Hunting Grounds, adds The Slayer’s Path, and gives players new ways to progress through the monster hunting game.

The new update from developer Phoenix Labs will be a cross-play, cross-progression title across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Below is a list of the changes the remaster makes over the original:

Dauntless Reforged Changes | What’s new?

dauntless reforged

Hunting Grounds

  • Open Worlds: The new Hunting Grounds hunt type gives players 18 islands to explore, free of the jumps between hubs and loading screens in the first game.
  • No Need to Leave: Players won’t need to leave the open world in order to continue exploring, as each region is free to roam even after completing the hunt

Core Changes

  • Visibility: Players will now be able to more easily see how to progress through the game, and what they need to do in order to do so.
  • Open progression: Players will no longer be forced on a single progression path, with greater agency to tackle quests as they wish.

The Slayer’s Path

  • Main Path: 12 milestones players unlock as they earn weapon experience. This is the core journey through the game.
  • Side Paths: Each new milestone unlocks side paths, which can unlock new islands and hunt types.


  • Weapon Tiers: Weapons no longer progress from level 1 to 15, with them now divided into tiers determining their base power score. This ensures that when a new weapon is crafted, it will be immediately useful.
  • Weapon Experience: Weapon skill level determines your proficiency with a particular weapon, and scales up when you use that weapon more often.


  • Reforge Weapon Skill: Once you reach level 20, you can reforge your weapon skill and compress aethersparks into a more powerful aetherheart. This is used to power surge weapons and armor.
  • Aethersparks: Aethersparks are a type of ambient aether that gathers on weapons and Slayer equipment. You can earn them purchasing them in the in-game store, or from the following:
    • Daily coin flip rewards
    • Island events
    • Patrol chests
    • Mastery rewards
    • Hunt Pass rewards

Power Surging

Power surging allows players to push a weapon or armor beyond its typical power limits, permanently. Aetherhearts are used to do so.

Power surging will improve the base power score of a weapon or piece of armor, transforming them into endgame items. Power surging can apply to legendary weapons, normal weapons, and any piece of armor, and can be done using the crafting menu.

Each weapon or piece of armor can only be power surged once, and players cannot undo a power surge once they have applied it.

Will Dauntless progress carry over into Dauntless Reforged?

Yes, all progress will carry over between the original Dauntless and Dauntless Reforged. Progress will be carried over by way of giving players aetherhearts, node unlocks, and merit rewards that will allow them to pick up where they left off.

All gameplay-impacting Mastery upgrades have been moved to The Slayer’s Path, while titles and cosmetics earned through the Mastery system will stay in place.

The Mastery system will remain in place, though it is being changed. Mastery rewards now consist primarily of merits and cores, given that most progression is tied into The Slayer’s Path.

Watch the Dauntless Reforged trailer below: