PS5 UK Stock: PlayStation 5 restock is happening on Amazon, Argos, GAME, and more

PS5 UK stock is appearing in various retailers today, with a fresh PlayStation 5 restock taking places across various stores. This includes Argos and Amazon, which already pushed new stock live, and GAME, which is placing buyers in a queue at the time of this writing.

Amazon and Argos’ new PS5 stock sold out in minutes today, with an unannounced restock leading to the console once again being snapped up. The console was back in stock early GMT, though the majority were left empty-handed due to continued stock shortages.

PS5 restock today, December 3

ps5 uk stock

The console is now abruptly making its way to select retailers again this morning, with GAME now placing buyers in a queue to purchase the new console (which you can visit here). The queue’s wait times are extending beyond an hour, so it is unclear whether GAME will have enough stock to supply demand.

While it’s unconfirmed if new stock will appear in other retailers, it’s looking likely that this will be the case. Other retailers that have carried PS5 stock have included Currys, Very, and John Lewis, while Amazon and Argos may post further stock throughout the day.

Given that PS5s have sold out almost immediately whenever they have been posted, those looking to purchase the new console before Christmas will need to keep an eye on retailers that have previously carried the console. When possible, prospective buyers should set up alerts for new stock with these retailers to ensure they don’t miss out if a PS5 restock takes place.

The popularity of the PS5 has ensured that all restocks have promptly sold out. This hasn’t been helped by the prevalence of scalpers, who continue to snap up new stock to sell at a profit. In the US, a prominent scalping group claims to have made over $1 million in profit from PS5 resales.