Oscar Isaac cast as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie

With the announcement that Oscar Isaac has been cast as Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie, fans are dying to know the rest of the cast list. The source title has a host of memorable characters that have left their mark on gaming history, so casting can be make or break for the film.

Given the fact that the Metal Gear Solid film has been in development hell for 14 years, there have likely been multiple casts attached to it. However, it seems like Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ version will actually make it to the screen, so we may finally get a definitive list of who the cast will be instead of just rumors.

Who is the cast of the Metal Gear Solid film?

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So far, only Oscar Isaac has been cast. He’ll be playing Solid Snake, the protagonist of Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4. From what we’ve heard of the film so far, it seems to be set during the Shadow Moses Incident in which the original Metal Gear Solid takes place. Isaac looks perfect for the role of a grizzled Solid Snake brought out of retirement to take down Foxhound.

In the 14 years that the film has phased in and out of development, a few actors have been rumored to have been considered for the role of Solid Snake. Kojima had Hugh Jackman in mind, and Christian Bale was rumored to have been approached for the part as well.

Isaac seems like he’ll make a good Solid Snake, but there are many parts in the Metal Gear Solid movie that still need to be cast. If we assume the script will follow the game closely, we’ve got:

  • Decoy Octopus
  • Donald Anderson (aka the DARPA Chief, aka SIGINT)
  • Gray Fox
  • Hal Emmerich (Otacon)
  • Kenneth Baker
  • Liquid Snake
  • Mei Ling
  • Meryl Silverburgh
  • Naomi Hunter
  • Nastasha Romanenko
  • Psycho Mantis
  • Revolver Ocelot
  • Roy Campbell
  • Sniper Wolf
  • Vulcan Raven

With the movie rumored to begin filming next year, we’ll likely have some faces to go with these roles sooner rather than later.