Ark 2 reveal shows Vin Diesel fighting dinosaurs at The Game Awards 2020

Ark 2 has been revealed, and it stars Vin Diesel fighting dinosaurs. The new trailer for the sequel was revealed during The Game Awards 2020, with it debuting the actor’s character Sabtuagi in the game.

Ark 2 was debuted at TGA 2020 this evening, with the trailer showing Vin Diesel’s character and his tribe escaping the clutches of a predatory dinosaur. An unlikely collaboration, the Fast and Furious actor will seemingly be portraying a tribesman in-game, with potential strong ties to the game’s overarching plot.

Vin Diesel in Ark 2 reveal trailer

Vin Diesel’s debut in Ark 2 was shown in a short clip revealed during the show, which was rendered in-engine using game assets. A new anime was also revealed, with Ark: The Animated Series exploring Helena’s story.

The trailer can be viewed below:

Is there an Ark 2 release date?

Though the trailer was revealed, there is no word yet on an Ark 2 release date. A separate announcement is set to take place on December 11, though it’s unclear if this will offer further details as to when players can expect the sequel.

In the meantime, Ark players can simply deal with the knowledge that Vin is swapping cars for dinosaurs. Will we see him drifting a t-rex? Who knows at this point, but anything feels possible in 2020.

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