Fortnite ‘Reboot a Friend’ asks players to ‘recruit’ their friends

Epic Games has announced and launched the Fortnite “Reboot a Friend” scheme. Reboot a Friend encourages existing players to try and “recruit” friends who haven’t played Fortnite in 30 or more days. If a player successfully convinces a friend to jump back into the game, they will receive various rewards for their efforts. The more matches played with a lapsed player, the more rewards earned.

How to add friends with Fortnite “Reboot a Friend”

Fortnite 'Reboot a Friend' rewards

To recruit friends with Fortnite Reboot a Friend, players need to go to the RAF website. Here they can log in to check which of their friends they can “reboot.” Valid players are those with 30 or more days of inactivity.

Rewards are unlocked at one match, five matches, 10 matches, and 20 matches played. There are four Reboot a Friend rewards in total and these are awarded to both players within seven days.

Fortnite Reboot a Friend Rewards List

  • 1 Match – Reboot Emoticon
  • 5 Matches – Key Change Lobby Track
  • 10 Matches – Twin Talons Pickaxe
  • 20 Matches – Holofoil Wrap

For this initial beta trial, each player can only choose to reboot one friend. Epic Games has noted that this may change in the future and, if it does, players will be notified.

Players have until January 4, 2021 at 3 AM ET to find a friend to reboot and play with. After that, the feature will likely be removed from the game for further tweaking.

Full details of the rebooting process, including a range of frequently asked questions, can be found on the official page here.

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