Christmas comes early with EGS holiday game giveaways

The Epic Games Store is giving away a whopping 15 free games over a period of 15 days this holiday season. PC gamers can snag themselves a daily Christmas gift starting today, Thursday, December 17. The EGS holiday game giveaways will continue until Thursday, December 31.

Free EGS games bring the Fortnite-funded festivities

EGS holiday game giveaways

Epic Games started the gift-giving season off right by offering all of its customers a free copy of the popular city simulation game Cities: Skylines. Players can add the game to their EGS library free of charge, but only for a period of 24 hours. Each day at 11 AM ET a new “mystery game” takes the place of the last one.

Epic Games Store holiday 2020 free games list

  1. December 17 — Cities: Skylines
  2. December 18 — Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
  3. December 19 — The Long Dark
  4. December 20 — Defence Grid: The Awakening
  5. December 21 — Alien: Isolation
  6. December 22 — Metro: 2033 Redux
  7. December 23 — Tropico 5
  8. December 24 — Inside
  9. December 25 — Darkest Dungeon
  10. December 26 — My Time At Portia 
  11. December 27 — Night in the Woods
  12. December 28 — Stranded Deep
  13. December 29 — Solitairica
  14. December 30 — Torchlight II
  15. December 31 — Jurassic World Evolution

The above list will be updated daily as new games are unveiled. Day nine of the EGS Xmas giveaway falls on Christmas Day, so it’s possible that Epic has something special up its sleeve. Similarly, the final day falls on New Year’s Eve and likely shouldn’t be missed.

An alleged leaked list appeared on Reddit shortly before the event started, though it was immediately debunked. Instead of the open-world zombie game Dying Light, EGS customers got Cities: Skylines on day one instead. Naturally, the list doesn’t hold water, so be sure to check back each day for a surprise.

Not everyone is as organized as Epic Games, though. While the Fortnite developer already has its holiday 2020 gifts in place, many people are still scrambling for last-minute gift ideas. Fortunately, Game Revolution has gift guides for PC, PS5, and Xbox gamers this Christmas.

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