Escape From Tarkov discount lowers entry fee and upgrade prices

To celebrate the end of a terrible year and the start of a hopefully great one, developer Battlestate Games is offering a discount across all editions of Escape From Tarkov. The 25% discount being offered also applies to upgrades, so both newcomers and existing players can benefit from the sale.

When does the Escape From Tarkov discount end?

Which Escape From Tarkov edition should I buy

The Escape From Tarkov 25% discount ends on January 5 at 4 PM ET/1 PM PT/9 PM GMT.

It’s worth noting that the final price may be a little higher than what is listed on the product page, as payment method fees and local tax are applied at checkout.

Which Escape From Tarkov edition should I buy?

Which Escape From Tarkov edition should I buy

Most players will want to buy the Standard Edition of Escape From Tarkov. This offers enough content to get started with the game without any significant disadvantages. What’s more, it’s possible to upgrade to a different edition later down the line.

With the current 25% discount, the Edge of Darkness Limited Edition version of the game is no doubt tempting. It’s good for those eager players that have already invested a lot of time watching the game being played on Twitch or YouTube, who know that they’ll be playing the DLCs (as this includes a Season Pass), and can justify that steeper price tag.

The Left Behind Edition and Prepare for Escape Edition are good for additional stash room, but aren’t necessary to enjoy the game.

The discount has good timing, as prominent Twitch and YouTube personalities have started covering the game again, which usually causes a boom in player counts.

The 25% discount isn’t the only example of generosity from the dev team, as they have previously offered an “Appreciation Package” which includes a bunch of goodies.

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