Madden 21 is collaborating with SpongeBob for some reason

SpongeBob SquarePants is not quite cut out to play football as he is a soft sea sponge that collects spatulas and Madden 21 hasn’t ever had any non-human stars hit the field. But there’s nothing in the rules that says a sea sponge can’t play football and that is one oversight EA is seemingly going to exploit for its upcoming Madden 21 SpongeBob collaboration. It’s odd, mysterious, and apparently going to be explained more on Thursday, January 7.

What is the Madden 21 SpongeBob DLC or event?

The official Madden Twitter account tweeted out a simple yellow-soaked image with SpongeBob’s eyes, nose, and cheeks asking the official SpongeBob account if it was ready, a callback to the series’ theme song. The SpongeBob account replied a little later with a GIF from the show showing SpongeBob simply stating “Aye-aye captain,” insinuating that it was, indeed, ready.

It’s not clear what this bizarre partnership entails as neither seems to have much in common with the other. Of course, the most obvious connection would be including the “Sweet Victory” halftime show that’s from one of the show’s most popular episodes. Fans were rallying for that song to play during the 2019 Super Bowl, but were disappointed as only a very brief clip made it into the halftime performance.

This SpongeBob Madden 21 DLC could be some sort of redemption if EA is keen on listening to fans and bringing the meme to video game realm. Many are even asking for such a thing in the tweet’s replies as it is the most glaring link to football in the series.

Everything else seems a little farfetched. Could it be a SpongeBob DLC announcer pack? Probably not. Could it be SpongeBob-themed jerseys? Maybe. Regardless of what it is or is not, EA should be revealing more on Thursday, January 7. Until then, stop on the deck and flop like a fish.