Onision leaves YouTube after finally being demonetized

Image Source: YouTube

Longtime YouTube star Onision has been demonetized across all his channels. Onision, whose legal name is James Jackson, has courted controversy for the last decade on and off YouTube. Calls for his deplatforming have resounded for years. However, the demonetization is what pushed Onision to finally say his goodbyes and leave YouTube almost 14 years after his first video was posted.

Why was Onision demonetized on YouTube?


We can only speculate that what caused YouTube to demonetize Onision. The platform continued to allow him to make ad revenue off his videos despite the accusations and controversy that constantly surrounded him. However, he did share the email YouTube sent to inform him of his demonetization, which reads:

” Hi James,

Responsibility is our number one priority at YouTube, and it’s important for us to ensure that creators are empowered to use their influence responsibly in the YouTube community and beyond.

With that in mind, we recently reviewed your channels (Onision, OnisionSpeaks, and UhOhBro) and took action on content that violated our Community Guidelines. We are also concerned about continued allegations of off-platform behavior related to child safety that could cause significant harm to the community, violating our Creator responsibility guidelines within our YouTube Partner Program policies. These guidelines explain that we don’t allow egregious behavior that has a large negative impact on the community. Additionally, the means you should be respectful of your viewers, your fellow creators, and our advertisers–both on and off YouTube.

Therefore we have determined that your channels (Onision, OnisionSpeaks, and UhOhBro) will be indefinitely suspended from the YouTube Partner Program and no longer eligible to monetize.

Once the suspension goes into effect on January 20, you will no longer have access to monetization tools and features, including online creator support. Your three channels and any new channels you create, will not be eligible to apply for monetization in the future.

What this means for your channels:

You’ll continue to have access to most creator features on YouTube to manage your videos. You can:

  • Upload, edit, or delete your videos.
  • Read, respond to, or moderate your comments.
  • Analyze your channel performance in YouTube Analytics.

There’s no change in how your videos are promoted in our search and recommendation systems. Note that as mentioned in the Partnership Program Terms, the YouTube Terms of Service continue to apply to your use.


YouTube Support Team”

Onision’s demonetization comes in the wake of the premiere of a Discovery+ documentary Onision: In Real Life on January 4. The documentary, hosted by Chris Hansen, examines the allegations of abuse and grooming leveled at Onision in 2019. Though Onision: In Real Life purports itself to be a “true crime series for the streaming generation,” no legal action has been taken against him as of writing.