Destruction AllStars’ voice chat is making us resent the PS5 Dualsense mic

Destruction AllStars voice chat is a headache, with many players unaware that they are broadcasting themselves to the entire multiplayer lobby with the PS5 DualSense’s built-in microphone. This issue means that you’ll likely want to mute other players while enjoying the new PS5 PS Plus release, preventing them from screaming into your ear as you play. Fortunately, there’s a way to disable voice chat in the game. Here’s how to turn off voice chat and mute players in the game.

How to turn off voice chat and mute other players in Destruction AllStars

destruction allstars mute other players voice chat

Muting other players in Destruction All-Stars is easy, even though the game doesn’t have a dedicated way of doing so. In order to turn off voice chat, you will instead have to mute players by way of the PS5’s easily accessible menus.

  1. Press the PS Button on your PS5 controller
  2. Press X to select the Destruction AllStars game card
  3. Press square to mute all other players in the lobby

Following the above steps will mute all players in the session, ensuring that you won’t be able to hear them talking over one another using the PS5 DualSense’s built-in microphone. Additionally, you can ensure they don’t hear you by pressing the thin rectangular button beneath the PS button. When your mic is disabled, the button will turn orange to indicate that the rest of the lobby can no longer hear you.

Destruction AllStars is one of the biggest indications yet that the PS5 DualSense’s built-in microphone being enabled by default is not a great idea. With many players jumping into the multiplayer game on day one, plenty either don’t know that the entirety of the lobby can hear them speaking, or they’re happy to annoy their teammates by keeping the mic turned on. Thankfully, the steps we’ve outlined here will put an end to the chaos, and let you go back to wrecking cars in relative peace.

Destruction AllStars released as a free PS Plus game for subscribers to the service this week, with it potentially becoming the platform’s first big exclusive multiplayer game. The subscription service also received Control: Ultimate Edition, which received our Editors’ Choice award, and Concrete Genie.