WWE Superstar now has a GameStop stock gimmick: ‘I got so much money’

(Image Credit: WWE/NXT)

WWE Superstar Cameron Grimes has debuted a brand new gimmick, which revolves around him having earned a lot of money from the GameStop stock increase. The wrestler, who performs on WWE’s weekly NXT show, pulled up to the arena in a Lamborghini sporting a gold watch that his character had earned through selling GME stocks and Dogecoin.

Grimes had been out of action for the WWE since suffering a leg injury in December, returning with a fresh gimmick for the latest episode of NXT. In pro wrestling parlance, gimmicks are the special characteristics that make up a wrestler’s personality, with WWE capitalizing on the GameStop stock news by making Grimes a monied hipster showing off his wealth.

Cameron Grimes: ‘Video games are pretty freakin’ cool’

“Turns out video games are pretty freakin’ cool, man,” Grimes said in yesterday’s episode of NXT. “I walked into GameStop and those lights, they just hit a little different. And I thought, if there was anything Cameron Grimes was gonna put his money in, it’d be a fine establishment like GameStop. Well turns out, Cameron Grimes was at the right place at the right time, because it went parabolic!”

After Grimes’ appearance on WWE NXT, ‘Cameron Grimes’ began trending on Twitter, a sign that the character had struck a chord with viewers.

Watch Grimes’ returning promo below:

While GameStop stock did indeed soar, it also plummeted after trading services such as Robinhood began limiting purchases of GME. As such, Grimes’ gimmick may be a bitter pill to swallow for those who exhibited their “diamond hands” by not selling their GME stock early. As his character seemingly cashed out on all his stock, that would have partially contributed to the stock declining — something which stock-buyers on Reddit encouraged other users not to do.

If Grimes sticks to the GameStop gimmick, there’s the potential to upset a particular section of the internet who held onto their GME stock only to watch it decline due to the number of others cashing out. Given that some have lost millions of potential dollars as a result, it seems likely we’ll be hearing more of Grimes as the controversy surrounding GME (and the lawsuits) continues.