McDonald’s Pokemon Cards are selling for ridiculous prices

Pokemon: The Trading Card Game has seen a rise in popularity over the last year, and the McDonald’s Pokemon card 25th anniversary promo set is commanding high prices for what it offers. Though it’s a unique 50 card (25 standard + 25 holographic) set, all of them are reprints. Given that an international fast-food company is carrying it (and this is just one of the current Pokemon TCG promos going on), it’s not rare either. So, what is causing the McDonald’s Pokemon card 2021 value to rise so high?

What’s the value of the McDonald’s Pokemon card 2021 set?

McDonald's Pokemon Cards 2021

Given that it’s a set that’s currently on the market, the value for the McDonald’s 25h Anniversary Pokemon card promo set hasn’t stabilized. Right now, fans can purchase the 25 card standard non-holo set for around $20-30. Holographic sets of the McDonald’s 2021 promo Pokemon set are hovering at about $225-250 on eBay currently.

When the series released last week, some complete holo sets sold for as much as $450. Sealed cases of 150 packs sold in the $1,000 to 1,500 range. So what’s fueling the high prices for these cards?

Why are the McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Pokemon cards selling so high?

There’s some big money in Pokemon cards, but the McDonald’s 2021 promo set’s current prices are mostly artificial. Prices for past McDonald’s promo sets are much lower. The big reason these cards are going for so much is due to scalpers.

It’s easy to tell from eBay listings that a ton of scalpers have done whatever they can to obtain a supply of these promo packs. McDonald’s isn’t selling boxes of 150 packs to customers. This means that scalpers have obtained these boxes through back channels. This creates an artificial shortage and allows scalpers to drive prices up. However, this can only last so long. McDonald’s will have these cards for a while, and once the small group of people willing to pay big money for a reprint set is stated, the scalpers will be forced to lower prices.

Essentially, the McDonald’s 2021 Pokemon promo set’s value isn’t set yet, but it’s almost certainly going to be much lower than it’s currently selling for. Those who want to invest in Pokemon cards for long-term growth would be better served looking elsewhere.