Avengers PS5, Xbox Series X versions coming very soon alongside Hawkeye

The Avengers PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions were delayed from the console launches, but Crystal Dynamics has finally revealed when those two superpowered ports are coming. The Avengers PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release date is also the same for Hawkeye, the game’s second DLC character.

Avengers PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release date

The Avengers PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release date is March 18. On that day, players will be able to buy the new version of the game or get a free upgrade if they already own the title on PS4 or Xbox One. The free upgrade is only for available within console families so PS4 players will get the PS5 version and Xbox One players will get the Xbox Series X/S version. Progress will carry over, too.

Crystal Dynamics spilled some of the details about this upgrade and they were pretty typical enhancements: faster load times, enhanced visuals, and higher frame rates. Numbers were not given so it’s tough to say how much faster those load times are, how much the visuals will be enhanced by, and how much smoother the frame rate is.

Avengers Hawkeye release date

The Avengers Hawkeye release date comes right alongside the current-gen versions on March 18. He will has his own operation dubbed “Future Imperfect” that sees the marksman meeting up with Kate Bishop as they continue the post-launch story she kicked off. The above trailer is full of spoilers for the main game and previous DLC as well as some not-so-vague scenes from this campaign so be careful.

Crystal Dynamics detailed some of his abilities, which are not only ranged and arrow-heavy, but also full of melee attacks that utilize his sword. He will have 10 different arrow types and the team said that it studied the comics to see the similarities and differences between Kate and Clint. This was presumably to avoid making two clones of the same archer while also remaining faithful to their roots. The studio still has not spoken about the Black Panther DLC, which was delayed after Chadwick Boseman’s untimely passing in August 2020.