Fortnite to let players add RGB lighting to weapons

Fortnite continues to dominate the gaming space with its free-to-play model. Instead of charging players an entrance fee, developer Epic Games hopes players will invest money into the game’s many skins, Battle Pass, and the Fortnite Crew subscription. These all provide different cosmetic rewards, with very little impact on gameplay. To encourage players to subscribe to Crew, the devs had to come up with a cool new skin. The result is a bunch of skins centered around the game’s Llama obsession, flavored with some vibrant rainbow coloring.

When is the Fortnite March 2021 Crew Pack release date and time?

Fortnite March 2021 Crew Pack release date

The Fortnite March 2021 Crew Pack release date is February 28 at 7 PM ET.

It contains the Llambro outfit skin, the Up North back bling, the Puffcorn pickaxe, and The Llegend weapon skin. This latter item adds RGB lighting to players’ weapons, giving them the gamer vibe that many modern “mancaves” and setups feature.

How to unlock the Llambro skin in Fortnite

Fortnite March 2021 Crew Pack release date

To unlock the Llambro skin in Fortnite, players must subscribe to the Fortnite Crew membership.

In terms of how much the Llambro skin costs to unlock, it comes included with a Crew subscription which amounts to $11.99 a month. Players can cancel at any time, meaning those who want just the Llambro skin can pay that $11.99 and then immediately cancel to stop any future payments.

Once March comes to an end, the Llambro skin will no longer be available for players to buy or unlock. It’s exclusive to the March 2021 Crew Pack.

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