Roblox Hockey Mask updated to look less like Jason Voorhees

Roblox recently patched one of the rarest and most expensive items in the game. The Roblox Hockey Mask update is proving to be controversial, as many players prefer the original design. Where the mask once channeled Jason Voorhees from the iconic Friday the 13th movie franchise, it’s now a more generic take on the scary look. The new Hockey Mask design is still desirable, though, so here’s the lowdown on how to get it and why it changed.

How to get the Roblox Hockey Mask update

Roblox Hockey Mask update

Left: Original Roblox Hockey Mask face accessory, Right: New Roblox Hockey Mask face accessory

Patches usually improve games, but, on this occasion, many players believe that the new Roblox Hockey Mask design is a downgrade. On the other hand, some also prefer its fresh new look. These Roblox fans are wondering how to update the Hockey Mask and show it off online. After all, it’s still a limited-time Halloween item (like the infamous Headless Horseman skin) with a cool aesthetic.

The original Roblox Hockey Mask will automatically update to the new design for all current owners. Players that don’t already own the limited item will need to pay a steep asking price, however. Following its removal from the Roblox Avatar Shop catalog, the popular face accessory is now only available via resellers. Knowing its popularity, the Roblox Hockey Mask frequently lists for around 40,000 Robux — that’s over $500!

Why did the Roblox Hockey Mask change?

It’s likey that the new Roblox Hockey Mask changes are due to copyright and legal concerns. The original texture came straight from Friday the 13th, or, more specifically, lead character Jason Voorhees. With Roblox going public on the NYSE, developer Roblox Corporation now has a commitment to protect its investors. Avoiding potential legal battles is one way to do so.

There’s been no official confirmation yet, though this appears to be the best explanation. Stay tuned to GameRevolution for any updates.

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