Returnal Resogun Easter egg brings Housmarque full circle

Housmarque’s Returnal contains a hidden Easter egg that makes reference to its beloved PlayStation 4 launch title, Resogun. In that game, players could boost their score by freeing little green humans and transporting them to the exit point. The Returnal Resogun Easter egg depicts one of these hapless humans in the form of a statuette. Due to its location, it might even hint that protagonist Seline is a fan of the classic PS4 game.

Returnal: Where to find the secret Resogun Easter egg

Returnal Resogun Easter egg

To find the Returnal Resogun Easter egg, players must do the following:

  1. Enter Selene’s ship at the start of a new cycle.
  2. Turn around and press Triangle to enter Helios.
  3. Walk through the two doors on the right and look at the right-hand side of the dashboard.

There, laying on its side, players will spot one of the little green men from Resogun. Sadly, the model isn’t interactive in any way. It is, however, an appreciated nod for Housemarque and PlayStation fans.

The Easter egg goes to show how far Housmarque has come in the space of one console generation. Resogun is a simple arcade shooter that came alongside Sony’s PS4 console as a platform exclusive. Now, Returnal arrives as one of the first PS5 console exclusives with a much more ambitious scope. It’s a fitting homage, to say the least.

Returnal is a much riskier venture, with a far greater budget. PlayStation Studios going all-in on that helps to illustrate how the relationship between Sony and Housmarque has flourished these last several years. The risk paid off, though, as Returnal is “revolutionary” according to GameRevolution’s review.

Looking to pick Returnal up and see the Resogun Easter egg in-game? Be sure to check out these beginner’s tips.

It’s also worth checking for updates ASAP, as there’s a hefty launch day patch.