Returnal Day One patch rolls out ready for launch

Housemarque’s Returnal Day One patch is now available to download and install ready for the game’s May 30 launch. The Returnal 1.002.000 update aims to provide launch day players with the best possible experience. Its file size weighs in at a hefty 14.229 GB, so be sure to set it downloading before sitting down to play.

Returnal 1.002.000 Update: Day One patch notes

Returnal 1.002.000 update

As with most Day One patches, the Returnal 1.002.000 update likely contains general stability fixes and quality of life improvements.

These kinds of tweaks are commonplace as they help to ensure the best possible experience for early adopters on launch day. At the time of writing, however, neither Housemarque nor PlayStation Studios has published a specific list of patch notes. In the event that they do, this article will receive an update.

Returnal is a “replayable, rewarding, and revolutionary” game, as per the GameRevolution review. Keeping that in mind, its sizable launch day update can only serve to improve what is already an excellent experience.

Housemarque’s latest slice of immaculate arcade action is one of just a few next-gen exclusive games. It’s set to drop on PlayStation 5 tomorrow, though, sadly, won’t be coming to Xbox Series X|S anytime soon — if ever.

The Returnal file size is 53.292 GB, so, after also accounting for update 1.002.000, the whole package is nearly 70 GB. It’s definitely worth preloading those digital preorders, and, for physical purchasers, inserting the disc into the PS5 console as soon as possible.

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