Lost Soul Aside’s gameplay looks like a mix of Dark Souls and Devil May Cry

You may not have previously heard of Lost Soul Aside, but after checking out the new gameplay reveal for the PS5 it may well immediately go on many people’s wishlists, despite the absence of a release date.

The demo runs at around 18 minutes and shows off some seriously stylish hack-and-slash moves, all of which gives it the appearance of a combination of Dark Souls, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy XV. You can check out the video below, but the big question is regarding the release date.

When is the Lost Soul Aside release date?

The Lost Soul Aside release date is still currently to be confirmed after the pandemic pushed the game’s schedule back. It was originally planned for release before the end of 2020, although there wasn’t any strict release date put in place, and despite the epic re-reveal of the game in the gameplay demo below the developer still does not have even a release year locked in.

However, it is possible that the release date will be revealed at the China PlayStation Press Conference 2021, which takes place on April 29.

The gameplay, courtesy of IGN, is truly impressive. Lost Soul Aside boasts Dark Souls-esque boss battles with different combat types, platforming, and exploration  although there’s no confirmation yet on whether players should expect an open-world.

Originally the game was being made by a single Chinese developer, Bing Yang, although the work quickly expanded to the hiring of a whole studio, similar to the equally-anticipated Bright Memory: Infinite. The game is being funded by Sony and is currently down for release on PS5, PS4, and PC, although with the gameplay video being shown off on PS5 the plans may have changed for the PS4 and PC versions.

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