Fans fix Nier Replicant’s FPS and performance issues before Square Enix can

A fan-made Nier Replicant FPS fix mod is finally allowing PC owners to sort out the game’s performance problems. These issues include FPS drops and general slowdown or hitching. While there is currently no sign of a Nier Replicant PC patch from publisher Square Enix, fans have stepped in with several mods that can fix these nagging and familiar issues.

How to get the Nier Replicant FPS fix to help PC performance issues

Nier Replicant FPS fix

There are two major mods to help with a Nier Replicant PC performance fix. The first major issue reported by fans is the FPS problem, where players discovered that certain animations are tied to framerate – and any players who attempt to exceed 60 FPS, perhaps simply because they have monitors with higher refresh rates, can find the game running in super-speed. This fan-made Nier Replicant FPS fix corrects the problem.

Additionally, this mod by SpecialK’s Kaldaien (used in conjunction with the SpecialK injectible for the game) greatly improves slowdown, FPS drops, and other general performance problems, including simple things like the mouse pointer appearing on the screen.

If you think the idea of fans fixing problems with a Nier game on PC because Square Enix hasn’t done anything to fix them sounds familiar, that’s because Nier Automata had similar issues that Square Enix still hasn’t fixed. Hopefully, history won’t repeat and Nier Replicant will actually receive an official PC performance patch.

It’s thanks to the community that dedicated players are committed to rolling out “unofficial updates” like this to help make the PC launch a more enjoyable experience. Otherwise, it would be a disappointing disaster for many hopeful Nier fans.

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