Returnal update released on PS5, but it doesn’t add a save feature

The Returnal 1.003.001 update has been released today, May 3, with this brand new update for the game having just deployed on PS5. The new patch follows the game’s launch last week, with it looking set to tackle a number of issues that developer Housemarque stated were under investigation. However, this doesn’t include a “fix” for the game’s controversial lack of a save feature.

The full Returnal patch notes haven’t been released, with Housemarque instead providing an FAQ in its Discord last weekend that outlined some of the issues it was working on. The developer also noted that it did not want players to raise the concerns around saving with their team anymore, given that they’re already aware that it’s a topic of contention among players.

While a lack of saving between runs is common in roguelike games, the length of the runs in Returnal often leads to frustration. Players have been putting their PS5 in rest mode as a workaround, though this being such a common tactic has caused many to suggest that mid-run saving should be implemented. It has not been introduced in this patch, with players still awaiting the list of improvements made in the new update.

Returnal 1.003.001 update patch notes

returnal update patch notes save saving

Here are some of the issues that will likely be rectified in this Returnal update, given that Housemarque has labeled them as under investigation:

Permanent progress in the game includes (not limited to):

  • Game does not have a save option: The game team is aware of the issue. There’s no need to bring it into our attention any more.
  • Not able to interact with the fabricators and not able to pass through doors: If you are using a pre-order suit. Enter the pause menu and select “Restart your run”. Select the plain Selene suit in your spaceship. (Your run will be aborted, but any permanent progress and weapon upgrade progress is kept.)
  • Audio issues: Audio may be too loud or cut off completely.
  • Barnacles not appearing visually: Invisible barnacles may stalk the map and suck you up, even though you can’t see them.
  • After remapping controls, some interactions may not work: Custom control mapping may prevent you from reading items in the house, cleansing chests or other interactions. To fix the issue (for now), use default controller settings.

In other news, Returnal includes a Resogun Easter egg that’s a nod to Housemarque’s previous PlayStation hit. We also compiled the game’s most prominent ending theories.