New Fortnite patch contains urgent fixes for all platforms

Epic Games has shared the Fortnite 3.15 update patch notes. These detail the new changes made with the patch, including changes to a broken weapon, an unfinished cosmetic, and more. The new Fortnite patch is being deployed across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android. (iPhone is still barred from receiving new updates.) Here’s what the new Fortnite update fixes.

Fortnite 3.15 Update Patch Notes

Fortnite 3.15 Update Patch Notes

Version 3.15

  • Fixes an issue that could sometimes prevent players from picking up Raz’s Explosive Bow.
  • The unfinished Style of the Tsuki Outfit has been removed. (The completed Style will arrive in a future update.)
  • Stability fixes.

As usual, these patch notes were shared on the official @FortniteStatus Twitter page. This is a great resource for keen players who want to be alerted to upcoming patches and downtime periods. While the new update today doesn’t require any downtime, they often do.

The patch notes above detail the three big changes implemented by this patch. Folks who were annoyed with not being able to pick up Raz’s Explosive Bow should now be able to enjoy the weapon without issue.

As for the Style of the Tsuki Outfit which was unfinished, some players may have preferred the rest of the outfit to be added, but the removal makes sense. This gives the developers time to ensure it is polished and roll it out at the originally intended time.

As for the stability fixes, they are always nice to have. A smoother, more consistent experience is sure to be appreciated by players.

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