Fable 4 will use the Forza engine, not Unreal as rumored

Some interesting information has leaked about the upcoming new Fable game from Microsoft and Playground Games, as according to a job listing the Fable 4 engine will be the one used by the Forza series of racing games, rather than Unreal Engine 5 as previously rumored. The fact that Fable 4 is using the ForzaTech engine is the first piece of news fans have had since the game was officially announced in July last year, but why that engine?

Why is Fable 4 using the game engine from Forza Motorsport and Horizon?

Fable 4 engine

According to a job listing posted on Microsoft’s careers page by Turn 10 Studios, the main developer behind the Forza series of games, the ForzaTech engine is being worked on to “support an open-world action RPG – Fable.” Other than Fable, the listing suggests that the latest iteration of the ForzaTech engine is only currently being used to power games in the Forza series.

So why is ForzaTech being used to power Fable 4? The biggest reason is that developer Playground Games is mostly known for being the team behind the Forza Horizon series, so they have experience with the engine and what it can do. It had previously been rumored that Fable 4 was being built with Unreal Engine 5, so this reveal is a bit of a surprise.

Beyond this, there is currently no solid information about Fable 4, even the title. The release date is presumably quite a way off, and beyond rumors that it may be an MMO-lite online game there hasn’t been much news about the game, other than confirmation that it exists, that it’s coming to Xbox Series X and PC, and the darkly humorous teaser trailer. It seems likely that Microsoft will announce more on Fable 4 at E3 in June, which it will definitely be attending even though Sony will not be.