Calculator is now one of the top 5 Nintendo Switch games on Metacritic, somehow

Calculator, the self-explanatory game that became a meme on Twitter, is now one of the highest-rated Nintendo Switch games on Metacritic, according to its users. The game sits at a user score of 9.1, beating out critically acclaimed releases such as Hades, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Super Mario Oddysey.

Calculator becomes a top-rated Nintendo Switch game on Metacritic

Calculator’s existence was widely mocked when it was released last week, with the $10 scientific calculator app being used as evidence of the Nintendo eShop’s overpricing and lack of quality control. However, some saw the funny side of the app’s release, with Twitch streamer SmallAnt posting a 38-second speedrun wherein he counted to 1,000 as fast as possible:

Metacritic users followed suit with this ironic embracing of Calculator, flooding the site with 10 out of 10 user reviews. Given that review-bombing is typically reserved for people inundating a game with negative reviews, Calculator may have made history by being one of the first to have gamers react in the opposite way.

Calculator’s 9.1 rating places it among the top 5 games for the Switch in terms of user score, right next to Monster Hunter Rise that also boasts a 9.1 rating. Superliminal remains the Switch game with the highest user scores, followed by this month’s Famicon Detective Club: The Missing Heir, There is no game: Wrong Dimension, and Shantae.

It’s to be expected that Calculator will slip down the user review rankings after the game has been out for a little longer, and its review bombing dies down. However, this is still an impressive feat from a community that is, for whatever reason, rallying around this overpriced app.

In other news, Nintendo was criticized for locking a big Skyward Sword HD improvement behind an amiibo. The company also received fan backlash as a result of it again choosing to not put Earthbound on its Nintendo Switch Online service.