Obsidian has an unannounced open-world game in the works

With the developer’s most recent game The Outer Worlds finally complete with the release of the Murder on Eridanos expansion, a new Obsidian open-world game has been revealed thanks to a recent job listing on the developer’s website. The next Obsidian game that fans know of is fantasy RPG Avowed, so this unannounced title is something else Obsidian has in the works. Could it be The Outer Worlds 2?

What could the new Obsidian open-world game be?

New Obsidian open-world game

The job listing that Obsidian has posted for is about a Lead Technical Artist in its World Performance team, and specifically mentions that the role will be assisting with “world-building, tools, pipeline, and performance on an unannounced project.” The listing also says that the artist will be working with Unreal Engine 4, the same graphics engine that powered Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds — and is presumably also powering the developer’s upcoming Avowed.

With the success of The Outer Worlds, it seems highly likely that Obsidian’s owners Microsoft would want to push ahead with a sequel, which would most likely be an Xbox Series X and PC exclusive this time around. Another possible project now open to them is Fallout: New Vegas 2, seeing as New Vegas is one of the most highly-regarded Fallout titles, Obsidian was formed by veterans of the original Fallout RPGs, and Fallout IP owners Bethesda is also now owned by Microsoft.

Regardless, it’s impossible to speculate too strongly about this new Obsidian open-world RPG since the developer’s Avowed is up next and gamers still know basically nothing about it. This will likely change thanks to E3 2021 next month, which Microsoft is attending, and this year will be a digital-only affair.

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