PS5 buyers left empty-handed and angry due to Amazon bug

PS5 buyers have been left empty-handed and angry, after an Amazon bug saw those who had the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition in their cart being told that their order did not go through. When users attempted to check out the console, they were instead met with an “item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location” message, leaving them without a console in the process.

What happened with the Amazon PS5 restock?

Amazon seemingly dropped a batch of PS5 Digital Edition consoles for users to pre-order in the early hours of this morning, with it appearing in both the US and UK versions of the site. Users were quick to snap up the sought-after hardware, only to later be told that their order was not being processed.

Amazon was showing PS5 users being in stock for a lengthy period of time, allowing users to even put it in their cart. However, they were left unable to purchase the console due to it being an unfortunate glitch, with it now being out of stock on the site.

It’s a frustrating issue for prospective PS5 buyers, with the console still rarely appearing in new stock updates and being swiftly snapped up whenever it is. Production of the system has slowed down to a halt due to to the global impact of the pandemic on manufacturing, with both PS5 and Xbox Series X stock being impacted as a result.

As such, Amazon advertising the PS5 as being in-stock only for this to be the result of a glitch has angered users, who believed this was finally going to be their opportunity to pick up the console. In more positive news, the bug may suggest that a PS5 Digital Edition restock is coming soon, as it may be evidence that Amazon is preparing for a restock that it accidentally pushed live. However, this has not been confirmed.

In other news, PS5 exclusive Horizon Forbidden West was given a gameplay trailer during yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play. A press release may have also accidentally revealed the title of the mysterious new Sonic game.