New Sonic game may be called Sonic Rangers, press release accidentally reveals

new Sonic game was teased at the end of the big Sonic Central stream today, but the Sonic 2022 teaser did not reveal a title. However, a Sega press release may have leaked the game’s title as Sonic Rangers, and there have since been other leaks to corroborate the new Sonic game name.

Why Sonic Rangers is possibly the name of the new Sonic game

New Sonic game 2022

In a Sega press release sent just after the Sonic Central stream, the sub-headline mentions a mysterious title called ‘Sonic Rangers.’ The only announcements not mentioned in this portion of the press release were Sonic Origins and the new 2022 game, so either it’s a bizarre alternative title for Sonic Origins — which is merely a new collection of the old Genesis/MegaDrive games, and ‘Sonic Rangers’ would be a nonsensical title for that — or it’s the title for the new game and Sega was going to reveal it in the stream, then chose not to at the last minute.

From the press release:

“Announcing new console experiences, Sonic Colors: Ultimate and Sonic Rangers, further details on Netflix’s Sonic Prime, mobile news, musical events and much more!”

However, since the release went out there is now further evidence that the 2022 game is called Sonic Rangers. According to dataminer and self-proclaimed Sega fan @Bluwolfboy on Twitter, the Adobe file name for the new Sonic game’s trailer is ‘PS/Rangers_teaserBG_4K_toSOA-2.psd’, or to translate, “Project Sonic Rangers teaser to SEGA of America.”

It would be easy from this alone to assume that Rangers was only the working title of Sonic 2022, except for Sega’s own press release clearly calling it Sonic Rangers, too. YouTuber Nick Robinson, a.k.a. Babylonian, also tweeted out his thoughts shortly before the Sonic Central stream that the new game would be called Sonic Rangers, although he doesn’t reveal his source.

We reached out to the PR firm that sent the press release out on behalf of Sega, and we were told that the press release may either be incorrect or an old name for one of the projects shown such as Sonic Origins. However, Sega has yet to comment on this press release itself.

Whatever it’s called, the new Sonic game is coming in 2022 with a release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, but coming this year Sonic Colors Ultimate was also revealed with a release date of September 7, 2021. There’s still a month to go before the official Sonic 35th anniversary, with both the all-digital E3 2021 and Summer Games Fest between now and then, so it’s entirely possible that SEGA has more planned for Sonic Rangers (or whatever it’s called) soon.