Could the mysterious new Sonic game be Sonic Adventure 3?

Sega announced a new Sonic game during today’s Sonic Central presentation, seemingly revealing the next 3D entry in the series from Sonic Team. This new game will launch next year across all consoles and PC, though the brief teaser saw Sega holding its cards very to its chest. So what is this mysterious new game?

What is the new 3D Sonic game from Sonic Team?

new sonic game logo

There is little to base speculation on from the new Sonic trailer, with only an indecipherable logo and release year being revealed. Many fans have read into the logo and taken it literally, believing that it spells out ‘Sonic Zap’ or Sonic Zip.’

However, it’s safe to say that the logo is difficult to read. While it certainly looks like ‘Zap’ more than it does anything else, if that is to be the game’s actual logo, it doesn’t exactly do its job well considering that no one can quite work it out.

The trailer features Sonic running through a realistic-looking forest environment — it’s certainly a departure from the super-brightness of Green Hill Zone — with there not even being a close-up of the Sega mascot. It concludes with him creating the logo, before the release year is shown on screen:

Some Sonic fans said in the comments said that it looks like the company hired the independent developer who had been working on a fan-made Sonic game in Unreal Engine 4. While this teaser trailer certainly looks similar to that project, there’s not too much else to take away from it.

However, viewers have screenshotted what they believe to be evidence of this actually being Sonic Adventure 3. According to a screenshot lifted from the YouTube Live Chat, the official account messaged: “Where have I seen that running before?” Some believe this is a nod to this being SA3, given the similarities. Others have said that the logo may be ‘SAO,’ and that the game may actually be called Sonic Adventure: Origins.

When is the new Sonic game release date and what platforms will it launch on?

The new Sonic game is coming in 2022, with it touted to release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. A specific release date has yet to be given.

Sega stated that it plans to show more soon, as the company gears up for more announcements during Summer Game Fest. It’s unclear if this will see Sonic Team expanding on what this new Sonic game actually is, or if we’ll be left wondering a while longer.