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Sonic Frontiers’ New Combat Trailer Accidentally Made Public by SEGA

Sonic Frontiers‘ new combat-focused trailer has accidentally been made public by SEGA, showing off the game’s new skill tree and unlockable abilities.

The new trailer was uploaded by SEGA yesterday, before promptly being set to private by the publisher. However, this wasn’t before eagle-eyed viewers reuploaded it, with it highlighting a bunch of new features in the game.

New Sonic Frontiers combat trailer leaks online

The trailer goes over Sonic’s new combos and abilities, showing how the blue blur can use the new Phantom Rush ability that boosts his attack power after pulling off multiple combos. He also has access to Sonic Boom and Wild Rush, the former being a high-powered kick, while the latter is a “fast and stylish” way to hit enemies by rushing into them. Sonic will also have a parry move, that will let players launch a counter-attack if they time it within a specific window.

According to SEGA, players will be able to experiment with the skill tree and Sonic’s different abilities in order to play the game as they see fit — it shows off these abilities being performed against a variety of enemies, including some sizable boss battles. This new trailer shows off some impressive visuals, not long after the game’s PC requirements were revealed.

Watch the new Sonic Frontiers trailer below:

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