Here’s what Horizon Forbidden West could look like in 60 FPS

Horizon Forbidden West gameplay was revealed yesterday at a State of Play event. This reveal included 14 minutes of gameplay that was being outputted at 4K 30 FPS. This has led to viewers asking whether the new Horizon game will run at 60 FPS on PS5, like most other platform exclusives. One YouTube user has even simulated 60 FPS gameplay to give a taste of the potential smoothness.

Does Horizon Forbidden West run at 60 FPS or 30 FPS?

horizon forbidden west 60fps

Horizon Forbidden West runs at 30 FPS on PS5.

As showcased during the State of Play gameplay reveal, Horizon Forbidden West can render at 4K while targeting 30 FPS. What isn’t known, however, is if the game will also offer a 60 FPS mode. Having now made the jump to a new generation, many are expecting a 60 FPS minimum from first-party titles, if not all next-gen games.

Many other titles have provided players with the choice of “Quality/High Resolution” or “Performance/High Frame-Rate.” Some, like Marvel’s Spider-Man, have also offered a third option that targets 60 FPS while also adding ray tracing support.

It’s possible that the State of Play showcase was displaying Horizon Forbidden West at its highest graphical quality setting, with frame-rate less of a priority. However, nothing can be confirmed until developer Guerrilla Games comments on it.

For those hoping to see Horizon Forbidden West 60 FPS gameplay, YouTube creator “ElAnalistaDeBits” has come in clutch with some simulated footage (at 2:57):

As expected, the simulated 60 FPS gameplay looks significantly smoother, especially when the action kicks in. Here’s hoping there’s a 60 FPS option that scales down the resolution and visual intensity in exchange for fluid motion.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has inspired a lot of games since its release and it looks like Horizon Forbidden West shares some DNA.

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