Loki’s teased villain could fit perfectly into Thor: Love and Thunder

The new Loki TV show has aired its first episode, introducing the God of Mischief to the Time Variance Authority. While the TVA are formidable, they are going up against a dangerous villain who is rapidly killing TVA soldiers and stealing powerful Reset Charges. Those who haven’t seen the first episode should go and watch it before reading the spoilers ahead. Everyone else: here’s a breakdown of the potential Lady Loki actress and why should could appear in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Who is the Lady Loki actress?

Lady Loki Actress

The Lady Loki actress is Sophia Di Martino.

Though not officially revealed, Sophia Di Martino has been confirmed to be playing someone in the new show and a leaked image shows her dressed in Loki-esque attire:

In the first episode, viewers are shown a silhouette of the evil version of Loki. This silhouette is made even more unclear by the presence of a cloak. Disney is being very careful to not show too much of this character. If it was just Tom Hiddleston, it’s likely that they wouldn’t be so secretive.

Documents on Loki can be spotted in episode 1 and show that they are gender-fluid. This could be a nod at Lady Loki making an appearance.

Will Lady Loki be in Thor: Love and Thunder?

Lady Loki Actress

Lady Loki would be an excellent villain choice in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Assuming Lady Loki is the evil version of Loki in the new TV show, and they somehow survive the episodes to come, the villain would be a great antagonist choice to go up against Jane Foster’s Thor.

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