Rainbow Six Extraction has Siege soldiers but no PvP multiplayer

It’s been confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction will not have PvP. Instead, the aliens gameplay revealed during Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 showed off co-op gameplay. Following a short teaser earlier in the week, Ubisoft has now provided a substantial chunk of gameplay footage and additional details about the new installment to the franchise.

Rainbow Six Extraction goes co-op only with no PvP multiplayer

Rainbow Six Extraction pvp

Rainbow Six Extraction does not have PvP.

Instead of a competitive multiplayer, this title focuses on the cooperative experience as players go up against a new alien threat.

The Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay footage depicts soldiers working together to fight against the formidable alien enemy. These soldiers will be familiar to Siege players, with fan-favorite Operators joining forces to eliminate many different types of aliens.

As the reveal trailer states, “it’s all about teamwork to outthink the enemy.” Players will want to collect intel while making their way through the alien-infested locations.

The toughest enemy types include the Smasher and the Apex. These require all players to focus fire. In addition to conventional weaponry, players can use their soldiers’ special gadgets to slow down the enemy.

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to release on September 16. While Siege has trained players to fight against each other, Extraction will ask them to work together instead.

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Check out the Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay trailer embedded below to see the co-operative gameplay: