Final Fantasy Origin uses the word ‘Chaos’ in 47% of its trailer’s voice lines

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is all about chaos. In fact, Team Ninja’s debut trailer for its upcoming action RPG focuses so intently on chaos, that it’s hard to imagine what normalcy must be like in this world if chaos is so omnipresent.

The opening voice line — “I’m here to kill Chaos” — sets the tone for a trailer so edgy that it’d give Shadow the Hedgehog pause. We’ve run the numbers and it turns out that it didn’t just seem like the characters were saying chaos an awful lot, as the use of the word actually takes up the bulk of its voice lines.

Final Fantasy’ Chaos becomes a meme

The word “chaos” is used in the Final Fantasy Origin trailer eight times in a total of 17 voice lines. That’s 47% of all voice lines devoted to chaos. Final Fantasy Origin’s characters aren’t referring to chaos in the abstract sense, but rather Chaos, the game’s villain. They refer to Chaos so much that it becomes Final Fantasy’s rendition of The Simpson’s Poochie episode; whenever Chaos is not on the screen, all other characters should be asking, “where’s Chaos?”

The overabundance of chaos didn’t go unnoticed by viewers. One viewer decided to speed up the trailer by 50% each time a character used the word, eventually causing it to descend into high-pitched madness. Or high-pitched chaos, as  Team Ninja would likely prefer it to be called:

Final Fantasy Origin’s first trailer provoked a lot of head-scratching after being revealed. Seemingly a Soulslike FF spin-off, which is already an odd direction for the franchise to head in, the awkward script and voiceover have not gone down too well with viewers. Issues with its demo have not helped matters, as players have struggled to download it due to a recurring error.