Zack Snyder says cut Batman and Catwoman sex scene is ‘canon’

Zack Snyder has commented on the controversy surrounding the cut Batman and Catwoman sex scene in the Harley Quinn animated series, with the Justice League director branding the moment “canon” along with sharing some racy fan art of the moment.

Zack Snyder calls Batman and Catwoman scene ‘canon’

The Harley Quinn series made headlines this week after it was revealed by the show’s co-creator that DC had refused to include a moment where Batman is shown “going down” on Catwoman. According to writer and producer Justin Halpern in an interview with Variety, DC intervened when it came to the scene, allegedly informing its creators: “Heroes don’t do that.”

Of course, this triggered the Streisand Effect, with this cut scene receiving way more traction than if it had been included in the show in the first place. While there’s no official footage of the scene available, fan art has been filling in the gaps, with a variety of online artists recreating their own versions of the scene.

This caught the eye of Zack Snyder, who has seemingly posted his approval of the fan art and that the idea of the scene in general, alongside some decidedly NSFW fan art:

It’s perhaps no surprise that Zack Snyder would approve of the cut scene, given the director’s previously expressed appreciation for comic book writer Frank Miller’s take on the Batman character. Miller was known for his darker and more realistic view of the superhero as exhibited in comics such as the hugely influential The Dark Knight Returns. This older version of Batman was a direct inspiration for Snyder’s own Batman, portrayed by a grizzled Ben Affleck and nicknamed ‘Battfleck’ as a result.

The Harley Quinn series has delivered a wildly different and more contemporary take on DC’s roster of villains, with Halpern noting how the show’s team were allowed much more creative freedom than they would be if they were instead writing a show about its heroes. According to Halpern, DC stated that the removal of the scene was due to the company selling “consumer toys for heroes,” and that this would be made more difficult if Batman was “also going down on someone.” Clearly, Snyder disagrees.

In other news, it was revealed that Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game does not share the same universe as Square Enix’s The Avengers. Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon also stated that he was retiring following a controversy surrounding his Republic political donations.