Windows 11 is the ‘best ever’ for gaming as it adds Direct Storage, Auto HDR, and more

Windows 11 has added Direct Storage, Auto HDR, and a new Xbox app as Microsoft has branded its operating system as the “best ever Windows for gaming.” The new moves bring the OS more in line with the Xbox Series X, with reduced load times and a smoother user interface. The reveal came during the ‘Introducing Windows 11’ launch event today, which saw Microsoft demoing the brand new OS and revealing the improvements it specifically makes for PC gaming.

What is Windows 11 Direct Storage and Auto HDR?

Microsoft has revealed in that Direct Storage will only be available with Windows 11, and that it will allow games to load assets to the GPU faster without slowing down the CPU. This will see much better loading times and games rendered much faster, with it requiring 1TB SSD space in order to run.

Speed has been the name of the game when it’s come to new-gen consoles, with both the Xbox Series X and PS5 celebrating their ability to render games faster and negate loading times. With Direct Storage, Microsoft is making similar moves for Windows 11 users, which should be exciting news for PC players.

Auto HDR will also be built into Windows 11, which will improve the range of colors that are displayed across a range of new titles and games supporting Direct X11. This feature was also made available on both the Xbox Series X and S, highlighting the parity that Microsoft is looking to achieve with its new consoles and new operating system with this brand new addition.

It’s all big moves for Microsoft, which already made major waves at E3 2021 with some key announcements, including revealing more of first-party developer Bethesda’s output including Starfield, the reveal that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer would be free-to-play, and the debut trailer for Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 5.