Nintendo Switch Pro revealed as ‘OLED model,’ will cost $349.99

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro has been revealed, though it’s officially called the Nintendo Switch OLED model. This brand new model of the console features a number of improvements, including a 7-inch OLED screen for more vivid colors and a crisper contrast, a wider stand, a built-in LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced speakers. Here’s details on the Nintendo Switch OLED’s price, release date, and how to buy and pre-order the system.

How to pre-order and buy the Nintendo Switch OLED model

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will be available to purchase on October 8, 2021. It will be purchasable through the following links:

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED price?

The Nintendo Switch OLED will retail for $349.99, with it being $50 more expensive than the regular Switch. This is a good price point for the new console, though buyers will inevitably be concerned that scalpers will inflate this price point.

Scalpers have been a huge problem for prospective PS5 and Xbox Series X owners over the past year, with them having snapped up the console and causing prices to skyrocket on online marketplaces. Scalpers will undoubtedly target the Nintendo Switch OLED, too, so if you want the console, you’ll need to act fast when sales go live.

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED release date?

The Nintendo Switch OLED will launch on October 8, 2021. This is just before the holiday rush, though many will inevitably receive the console over the holiday period. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed when or if pre-orders will go live, with it instead only revealing the console’s launch date.

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