Nintendo Switch OLED embraces PS5 coloring with white and black

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch OLED was finally announced today. Boasting a new screen and several graphical upgrades, it’s also set to release in the classic neon red/blue design, as well as a white set. This new color scheme looks a lot like the PS5, with its sleek white design, and the comparison is pretty remarkable.

Does Nintendo Switch OLED come in black or grey colors?

Nintendo Switch OLED grey color

The Nintendo Switch OLED does not come in black or grey.

Currently, the only color schemes we have confirmed right now are the red/blue neon design, and the white design. With the console due to release on October 8 of this year, we could see new colors in the future. However, at the moment, it seems like black and gray won’t be out any time soon.

The Nintendo Switch OLED was confirmed in an announcement trailer released today (July 6). The version of the console that’s primarily shown off in the trailer has a white body and stand, with black buttons on the Joycon. It bears a striking resemblance to the PS5, which is primarily white with a black center. The PS5 also has a black outline on its DualSense controller, in a similar manner to the Nintendo Switch OLED controller.

Of course, this isn’t to say that Nintendo is copying Sony for their new upgrade of the Switch. A new version of the console means new color schemes are ripe for the picking. A sleek black or grey design would complement the new graphical capabilities of the console. It would also mark a big difference from the current Switch colors. Since the white design is new territory for Nintendo, the jury is still out on whether we’ll see new designs down the line.

As of yet, though, all we have is the classic red/blue design, and this new PS5-esque white design. Both are pretty impressive to look at. Therefore, when the Nintendo Switch OLED releases on October 8, it’ll stand out in your setup.