Apex Legends’ new character design called out by TikTok star William Knight

Image: William Knight via Twitter

TikToker William Knight doesn’t think the new Apex Legends character design is a coincidence. Apex Legends’ new legend, Seer, shares a lot in common with the overnight social media sensation. That much is clear from just a glance at the comparison shots, which have Knight reaching out to developer Respawn Entertainment in search of answers. Regardless of the controversy, fans of the game and TikTok memes don’t have long to wait until the new legend release date.

Apex Legends Seer: What is the new legend release date?

The release date for Apex Legends’ new legend, Seer, is August 3, 2021. New character Seer will arrive alongside the in-game Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence event.

Seer immediately drew comparisons from fans to William Knight, for obvious reasons. The internet star believes that “there’s no such thing as a coincidence,” though the current situation might place some strain on that theory. Knight’s original viral upload hit TikTok on June 21, 2021; that’s just under a month ago, so it’s highly unlikely that Seer takes direct inspiration from the video.

Designing a playable character is not a quick and easy process. Apex Legends’ dev team was probably working on Seer well in advance of William Knight achieving fame. That said, there are some undeniably striking similarities between the two — the stance, body type, and general style sense all feature direct parallels.

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Those parallels are obvious enough that Knight called the game out, tweeting “explain this” and tagging the devs. There’s been no official response from EA nor Respawn Entertainment at the time of writing.

In other recent news, rainbows are appearing in Fortnite. This was initially the cause of some confusion, though it’s now clear that they relate to the “Fortnite Rainbow Royale” event celebrating LBGTQIA+ gamers. Speaking of Fortnite, today’s new update adds a long-awaited feature to the popular battle royale title.