PlayStation Network is down with ‘busy’ errors affecting PS5 and PS4 users

To the disappointment of many users, PSN is down and giving “busy” errors to both PS4 and PS5 users. Those affected by the downtime have taken to social media to complain. Some have posted evidence of the CE-33743-0 error that pops up. Here’s how to fix the “PlayStation Network is currently busy” error.

“PlayStation Network is currently busy” error fix

To fix the “PlayStation Network is currently busy” error, users should:

  • Check the PlayStation Network service status.
    • Users can access the Network Service Status website to directly see which services are having issues. These include: Account management, Gaming and social, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, and the PlayStation Store.
  • Check your internet connection.
    • If there’s nothing wrong on the Network Service Status website, then it’s time to assess your own internet connection. See if any of your other connected devices are having issues.
  • Reboot your system.
    • Both the PS5 and PS4 can be rebooted easily enough. Doing so can sometimes be a quick fix for many issues.
  • Wait for an hour or two.
    • PlayStation errors come and go. They are often solved within an hour or two, so a last resort would be to simply wait until the problem goes away.

Here’s hoping the “PlayStation Network is currently busy” error is remedied quickly. There’s surely a large number of gamers looking to get online for a Call of Duty: Warzone match, Fortnite showdown, and whatnot.

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