Philips Electronics Wants Wii U Sales Banned in New Patent Claim

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Electronics manufacturer Philips has filed a suit against Nintendo alleging that the makers of Wii U consoles and 3DS portable game devices copied infringed on patents Philips holds on certain technologies.

One of those patents revolves around copying a user's real-life actions to those in-game while another has to do with pointing devices (like the Wii remote controller). Philips says that their patents were developed over years of research and development, but it seems odd that the company would wait until the second iteration of the Wii hardware to bring a suit that could have easily been leveled at Nintendo during the height of Wii console sales.

In fact, the company claims to have notified Nintendo of the patents it held as far back as 2011, but that's still a full five years since the launch of Wii hardware in 2006. For more, you can read the full lawsuit here.

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[Via Eurogamer]