Secret Ponchos Developers Give Out Free Codes for Friends

Secret Ponchos developer Switchblade Monkeys will reward everyone who currently owns Secret Ponchos with a free code for a friend.

Switchblade Monkeys says that "In the Secret Ponchos Double Down promotion, all purchases of Secret Ponchos prior to August 5 will receive an additional Steam code to unlock Early Access now and the full game at launch."

It has only been five weeks since we launched on Early Access but the community of players has been absolutely amazing. This is our way of thanking everyone for supporting us as we continue to polish Secret Ponchoss and add new features.

Switchblade Monkeys will continue to promote the game on Twitch with Saturday tournaments, new content, and more. While the title is available via Steam Early Access now, it will also launch on PlayStation 4 later this year featuring four-player shootouts, customizable outlaws, and unique features for the console version.

Visit the game's Steam page to buy ahead of the free code distribution, then decide who you'll share with next month.