Digital Xbox One Download Codes Available at Retail

While Xbox has largely proven itself as a leader in connected gaming platforms, Microsoft is still catching up in a few areas though the gap has been closed when it comes to digital codes available through retail storefronts like Target and GameStop.

This does not answer the issue some Xbox fans have had with the platforms decidedly friendlier-to-online set up, though if you're only playing disc-based games on your Xbox One you might not care all that much about downloadable games like MAX: The Curse of Brotherhood or State of Decay.

Microsoft's Major Nelson Larry Hyrb explained the move:

We're kicking this off with digital download codes for select map and expansion packs for franchises like Halo and Forza, as well as fan favorite digital games…. We look forward to adding more digital codes in the future from other publishers and in more countries in the coming months.

For more information on redeeming Xbox One codes you buy at retail, check Xbox Support.