The Division’s Underground NY City “Is Like Swiss Cheese,” Says Producer

Ubisoft's upcoming shooter Tom Clancy's The Division aims to be one of the most rich and detailed experiences this new generation of gaming has seen yet.

According to the game's executive producer, Fredrik Rundqvist, The Division's open-world take on New York will wow players with its intricate level of detail, especially its underground landscape, which he likened to Swiss cheese. He told IGN:

It’s very dense. We’ve set the bar so high visually, and we want the same level of detail and immersion everywhere, whether the player is outside or in an interior.

The underground of New York City is like Swiss cheese with subway tunnels, utility tunnels, and WWII bunkers. It’s just passages all over the place. They don’t even know exactly everything that’s down there! And you have people who go down there at night to explore the whole thing as though it was a cave system. We hooked up with one of those real life spelunkers and that was how we got the inspiration to open up this subterranean world.

So the environment in our game is kind of a juxtaposition between all the big tourist landmarks that everybody knows, and the underground New York City that nobody’s seen. And that’s a pretty exciting space to explore.

The Division is set to launch on next-gen (or is it technically current-gen?) platforms in 2015. Are you hyped for its release?