Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Lists Demands for Valve Corporation

Valve has garnered a massive following of fans through its digital Steam shopfront, though the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has a few issues it wants resolved through new legal action against the corporation.

Specifically, Valve must do the following or face a booting:

  • An e-mail address must provide direct access to refund processing
  • A 1-800 toll-free phone number must be made available to help in processing refunds
  • A PO Box address must be provided to help in processing refunds
  • Representatives need to be hired to reply to consumers regarding refunds

According to documents obtained by Kotaku Australia, the commission also wants Valve to "appoint an independent auditor to review its consumer redress policy within 180 days of any potential court order."

Valve is working closely with Australian officials to ensure things move smoothly through the legal process and Doug Lombardi, head of marketing at Valve says "We are making every effort to cooperate with the Australian officials on this matter."

We'll update this post when progress is made to make returns through Steam easier for Australian (and I'd guess other international) consumers.