Microsoft Preparing for Console Market Downfall, Says Pachter

Dedicated gaming consoles won't be around much longer and the Big M is well aware of that fact. At least, that's what Michael Pachter, everyone's favorite analyst from Wedbush Securities, thinks.

During a panel at GamesBeat 2014, Mr. Pachter said he believes Microsoft is going to shift its gaming focus to PC and mobile as it prepares for the inevitable death of the dedicated gaming console.

"I think consoles are going away, because you used to need a console because you could not connect a microprocessor to your TV screen. Now, if you have a Chromecast stick or a Roku box, you can. So why do we buy consoles?" he explained during the panel. "I mean, your phone will be powerful enough to power any game in two more generations. And, so, why buy a console? I think Microsoft actually knows that."

Do you think the industry is slowly moving away from a world of dedicated gaming consoles? Would it be wise for Microsoft to shift focus away from Xbox and redirect it toward the PC and mobile markets?