Platinum Games: Scalebound Is Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Created

Back at E3, Platinum Games announced that it was developing a new action game exclusively for Xbox One called Scalebound. Since that initial reveal, however, the studio has remained rather tight-lipped on its new IP.

Fortunately, Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya has broken the several-month-long silence and shared a bit about the title with IGN, telling the outlet that this new action game is unlike anything the studio has ever made. 

The one thing that I will say is that up until this point in my career, and up until this point in Platinum Games’ history, we’ve never made a game like Scalebound. What I’m trying to do with Scalebound is create a very different kind of game than what I’ve created up until this point. We’re trying to create new gameplay, and that is a challenge for me personally.

It’s less about new hardware, and more about making something totally new.

We’ve never tried to do something photo-real or something more realistic with that touch, but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to try. Now having that opportunity has been both difficult but interesting. And the power of the machine is helping there. It’s definitely something Platinum Games has wanted to try, and now we’re getting our chance to do it, which is cool.

With regard to why the studio decided to partner with Microsoft to bring Scalebound exclusively to Xbox One, Kamiya went on to add that "Microsoft is very hands on and they check everything while you’re working together. One of the things we’ve noticed, because they keep you honest, is that we’ve been making this game faster than we normally would."

With Tokyo Game Show 2014 kicking off this week, expect to hear more about this exciting new action game in the coming days.