Final Fantasy XV Director Comments on All-Male Cast, Says Gender Bias Is “Not Healthy”

Final Fantasy XV made quite the splash at this year's Tokyo Game Show, thanks to an eye-catching new trailer that features a group of guys on the road who occasionally hop out of their convertible (which is apparently a party member) to slash some monsters.

Interestingly enough, the game's core cast will be made up of only male characters, a decision that the game's former director Tetsuya Nomura believed was crucial to the overall experience. 

"The party members being all men was something that [former director] Tetsuya Nomura had kept as a very important element of this journey," Hajime Tabata, the game's new lead director, said. "He wanted to depict a story in which a group of men, a group of friends, journey throughout the world. So that’s something that I kept in Final Fantasy XV."

That doesn't mean women will be absent from the game completely, however, as Tabata added that "there will be prominent women who make an appearance in the game." Tabata made it clear that this decision has nothing to do with favoring males, noting that "it’s not healthy to have a bias in genders."

Do you take issue with the lack of playable female characters in Final Fantasy XV?